Critics Standpoint of Upcoming Broadway BEETLEJUICE

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Beetlejuice has had made its first appease at The National Theatre in Washington D.C in October 2018 and is now being awaited make its Broadway debut on 25th April 2019 at the Winter Garden Theatre. Cheap Beetlejuice the Musical New York Tickets are available for purchase at


The musical is based on the 1988 film with the same name by Academy Award-winning Geffen Company motion picture. The story was written by Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson. This fantastic comedy film was a huge success with the directions from Tim burton and featured stars like Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O’Hara and Winona Ryder.


This adaptation of the film has received direction from the two times Tony Award Nominee, from the directors of brilliant works like Moulin Rouge! & Peter and the Starcatcher, Alex Timbers. Get Your Beetlejuice the Musical Tickets Cheap from Tickets4musical now and watch the show live. Then we have Eddie Perfect best known for his work with King Kong, to feature an original score in the show, a book by Scott Brown & Emmy Award nominee for Broad City, Anthony King, choreography by Connor Gallagher and music direction, instrumentations and accompanying music by Kris Kukul.


Beetlejuice is a story of an estranged teenager Lydia and the deceased couple who reside as a ghost in the new house Lydia has moved into. Lydia is not like other kids of her age she is rather strange with an obsession of dead things. The ghost couple on the other hand is instead scared of the odd clothing and behaviors of Lydia’s family and hire a freelancer bio-exorcist ghost named Betelgeuse, pronounced and often written as Beetlejuice. He then tries to scare away Lydia’s parents involving many plan and plots that you’ll get to see. Book your Beetlejuice The Musical Tickets Discount Code now at Tickets4musical! Because the way we see it this Broadway musical is sure to be huge.


Critics are also going all ga ga over this fantasy-comedy production here is a glimpse of how they feel about this:


Peter Marks from Washington Post dubbed it as perfect with feels of an episode from “Friends” inspired by its perky pop songs and power ballads. He also seems to think that the production is deserving of a natural applause moment, he is especially taken with the Lydia’s memorable same as film moments when she declares “I myself am strange and unusual.”


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Paul Harris from Variety seems to think that there were a few songs that were a bit troubling. He says whether some songs were very distinctive there were moments when simple dialogues could have been more suitable like the song in the Act Two when Lydia and her father reunite after the mother’s death, one of the deepest moments of the evening.


Joseph Kisiday from Theater Nerds on the other hand seemed fascinated with the show’s spectacular set, costume, and lighting design. He labeled the production as complete with animatronic stuff and five different backgrounds that the show featured. He also thinks that the set’s gothic visuals are ideal to go for Tim Burton’s style from the movie. He even suggested tony voters remember Beetlejuice while voting this coming spring.

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Toby Knapp from iHeart Radio thinks that this show is the perfect escape much needed for Broadway fans. A great balanced mix which is not too unfathomable nor too potent. Also he mentions that it doesn’t challenge political realities other than a few puns here and there by Beetlejuice. He says “it’s the sort of comedic escape Broadway doesn’t have right now… and that’s why it’s going to be big… so big.”

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