‘Hadestown’ Review; the Famous Greek Myth of Orpheus Journeys to the Underworld Displayed in a Musical


‘Hadestown’ portrays a musical version of the ancient Greek Myth of Orpheus’s Journey to the underworld explained in a folk song sung by Anaïs Mitchell the album came out in 2010 whereas was adapted in musical in 2016. Cheap Hadestown Tickets are on sale and can be availed at Tickets4musical.com. Hadestown premiered during a workshop in New York Theatre on 6th May, 2016 running till 31st July. The show was then developed for the stage by the musical’s director Rachel Chavkin.



The musical rather is a work in progress however portrays the story of Orpheus and Eurydice impressively. The story has been told many times now and you also probably have heard of it, but there is something else in watching it displayed in front of your eyes live. Want to have a go at that? Then, buy tickets from tickets4musical and you will get a wonderful Hadestown Tickets Discount. The story starts the messenger god Hermes singing and warning about the story before it begins to the audience. Surprisingly enough, though we have heard of it and know how it will end the fantastic portrayal intrigues you nevertheless. The story though unfolds in the underworld it’s fused so well with characters performances and music lyrics & songs that it’s all too captivating. The musical is a displays harsh, touching sanguinity.



All hats down to Hadestown for turning all well-known myth into an absorbing musical. The show is a must watch if like me you have heard Mitchell’s Hadestown too many times and can’t get over it. You can visit Tickets4musical to get some Discounted Hadestown Tickets for your trip to the theater. Despite the fact, the show is a success allover it does lack somethings which are to be honest nearly unfathomable. For instance how in the world it is possible to get a human’s voice to sound as good as a God’s? Impossible right?



The original album had this problem solved using Justin Vernon the famous frontman of the indie folk band Bon Iver. His voice brings the unnatural, staggering effect to the songs. But as Reeve Carney sings is utterly a disappointment. He though may try cannot compare at all with Damon Daunno, the original stage Orpheus. Daunno persuasively high notes are too great to fathom. Many have fallen in love with his voice. Cheap Hadestown Tickets are at a sale at Tickets4Musical get them before they go out of the sale. The recent production astutely gave the rock-star feel to cover up the more earthily mortal voice of their hero.



On the other hand, Eva Noblezada as Eurydice is surprisingly a wonderful development to the story. Her character has brought suitable changes to the story with her edgy and cynical uniqueness. Patrick Page as Hades and Amber Gray as Persephone deserved the role more than any other character in the show. They were so perfect for the roles that it won’t be too much to say they even exceeded the originals, portraying the character effortlessly. Watch the performances live by yourself I’m sure you’ll be thrilled. For the best experience Buy Cheap Hadestown Tickets from tickets4musical.






The musical is a work in progress in a well-known and acknowledged fact but is in all aspects interesting enough to anticipate its progress. There is no fixed time for this but there is no denying there is not anything quite like it at least not in the west end. You should get the tickets right away and watch it tickets4musical has some tickets at reasonable rates Get Your Hadestown Tickets Cheap With a confirmed Broadway transfer it is obvious the show has not reached its final stage and probably there will be more to see.


As for the advancements so far the show has successfully captured the stage spirit with its efforts put into designing. The set designs undoubtly seized every moment of Orpheus’ journey wonderfully and seeing it live leaves you with a feeling of awe. Among all the scenes and sceneries the most enchanting was the ending. Though it’s predictable and we know how it will end the production strucks the heart that you become hopeful that maybe this time it’s the other way around. Hadestown stays at the National Theatre until 26th January get Hadestown New York Tickets cheap from Tickets4musical if you are hoping for a satisfactory but economical experience.

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