Jersey Boys Musical Review; the Rise N’ Fall of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Jersey Boys Tickets

I love juke box musicals and my last chance seeing a one happens to be the documentary style musical of 60’s Rock n’ Roll Band The Four Seasons. A musical is not a jukebox musical if not for a brilliant storytelling and Jersey Boys quickly became my favorite with its brilliant storytelling and wonderful cast. In fact, I’ll suggest you get those Jersey Boys Tickets and watch it right now. You can visit Tickets4musical for best discounts.


The musical demonstrating the life story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is phenomenal. Most of all the music was fab, some of the songs you cannot miss are successes like Earth Angel, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk like a Man, Let’s Hang On, Can’t Take My Eye Off of You, and the most fantastic classic, Sherry. Other than the music, the musical has a story to tell, with ups and down the rise and fall of the musical sensation known as The Four Seasons.


I’m glad Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli gave a positive response to Broadway producers who approached the band members for asking to create a musical out of their life story. Otherwise we had not been blessed with such an amazing production for the centuries to remember. Intrigued to watch it now? Then get Jersey Boys Tickets Cheap at Tickets4musical and make it happen. The most amazing twist of all is that the producer actually interviewed each member individually to pen out the musical’s storyline. The outcome of this action is a striking stage musical with amazing characters, great storytelling, and a lot of happy audiences & fans from all over the world.


The story is about four boys from rugged parts of New Jersey who dropped out of the high school. They even got a little messed up and some of them had to spend a little time in jail as well but no one had foreseen them becoming one of the biggest vocal quartets of the ’60s.


Tommy DeVito playing Matt Magnusson was the main narrator of the spectacle. He is also the one who brought disaster to the group’s success with the huge debt owing to his gambling habit.

Jersey Boys Tickets

The story is completely fact-based and tells all about the actual happening till the rise of four Seasons’ group members to their fall, when one of the member left them at the brink of their success. The characters played each bit with such refinement, capacity that their acts were perfectly balancing out the storytelling and musical performance.


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The best of all the performance is that of Jonathan Mousset as a spirited yet innocent street kid Valli who just wants to sing. His performance is not as original as Frankie Valli himself but is to the best extent, attributed to falsetto voice of his, he performs just about every number. His vocal skills are among those few that lights up the stage. You can watch him perform live with Jersey Boys Tickets we are offering at Tickets4musical.


Magnusson was intense as vicious but ambitious DeVito and let tell you nobody can be a more convincing Massi as Amira. Before he leaves the band for good his last stage speech had his departure summarized stunningly. Other than the main performers the talent in supporting actors is most visible through the acts of Doug Storm as the group’s producer, Bob Crewe, and Andrew Aaron Berlin as the moneylenders.


Director Holly-Anne Palmer has walked the show closely following the actual story with cutting-edge choreography from Gerry McIntyre, and not to mention the best of all music direction from Jonny Baird was one of the top highlights of the show.


If you never had a chance to watch the original Four Seasons’ performance, the Jersey Boys is the closest you can get to the see the real Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. It’s right about the time you start preparing for your visit to the closest theater that’s playing Jersey Boys. As far as Tickets are concerned you can find some of the Cheapest Jersey Boys Tickets Online at Tickets4musical.

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