Jessica Biel Fell Asleep During a Date with Justin Timberlake, and He Got It on Camera

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Date

Jessica Biel did have that feeling’ in her bones as it came time to celebrate the birthday of husband Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

“GotId work for my birthday so wifey going all out tonight…” Justin Timberlake joked from the caption.

Justin Timberlake includes a performance at Madison Square Garden on Thursday as a part of the “Man of the Woods” excursion, so both struck town a night early.

Timberlake mouths the words “happy birthday ” from the movie and then sings in a humorous voice since Biel snaps alert. She explained Justin Timberlake wrote about the way they fell in love in his publication, “Hindsight: All of the Items I Can’t Watch in Front of Me” Because they met at party humor has always been a part of their relationship.

“I left some type of humorous comment, really ironic,” he wrote. “nobody got it. She laughed and I discovered, all of a sudden, and also at the way in which you wonder whether an individual’s like you, should they have an extremely dry, dark sense of humor, also.

“In addition, they have made sure to make time for one another in the middle of their hectic careers. Silas and Biel combined Timberlake in the European leg of the tour this summer, which comprised in a date and Paris on the banks of the River Seine.

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