“The Illusionists” Review; Is It Magic Or All That You See Is An Illusion!

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“The Illusionists” a Vegas-style entertainment show return to Broadway with its unbelievable magic. However, the latest cast is a bit of trickery and less magic. This is the fourth appearance of the group on Broadway. Get Your The Illusionists Tickets Cheap from Tickets4musical.com.The show consists of 5 magic rotations specializing in different branches of magic. The cast includes Colin Cloud (“The Deductionist”), Chloe Crawford (“The Sorceress”), Shin Lim (“The Manipulator”), Darcy Oake (“The Grand Illusionist”) and Adam Trent (“The Futurist”).

The Deductionist, Colin cloud was the best among the five magicians in my opinion, he did great to mix in his humor with shocking phenomena, the most impressive act without a doubt. Other than him the most mentionable is the card conjuring performance by Shin Lim and Darcy Oake’s act with doves was fascinating as well. The Illusionists Tickets at Tickets4Musical are rather cheap that other available prices. The best thing about the futurist, Adam Trent was he was good with magic as well as dancing. He danced around the stage with his projections. The most enticing thing about this show is actually its manipulation with the current technologies in their magic acts.

Chloe Crawford the only woman in the production was the least interesting of them all. One of her act was rather disturbing, It was swallowing of razor blades which made of the audience disgusted and nauseous. However, if you are intrigued to watch them yourself, The Illusionists Boston Tickets are available at Tickets4musical you can get them and watch the production live. Her acts included the ick factor that was not so thrilling to the audience. Then there is special guest LED Dance group that was meant to be there for making the show a bit tolerable but failed to do so.

The setting was to lead the audience to get inspired by the illusions, but to be honest the cocky behaviors of Magicians didn’t go missed by the audience as well. However, the magic kits been used in the show can be found in the sale outside for those who were induced enough by the production to buy them.

While the overall production lacks consistency is a roughly stitched together series of acts, the show’s creative director Neil Dorward made sure that none of the audience misses out what’s happening on the stage. Don’t miss out this exciting show Click Here to Get Your Cheap The Illusionists Tickets. There is various number of screens projecting the live video of the acts being played at the time from a 360 degree view. Paul Smith’s lightning projection is also intact with a variety of lights and laser running all over the stage at the most appropriate times associated with the thrilling yet sentimental musical scores by Evan Jolly are a remarkable piece weaving together the suspense that was missing from the show.

After this review if you are looking for the Cheapest the Illusionists Tickets, here they are at Tickets4musical. The show is a must go but if you are expecting some real magic you might have to get disappointed.

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